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CBB65A Air Conditioner Capacitor
Module Type: CBB65A Air Conditioner Capacitor, Capacity Volume:25 + 5 MFD uF, Dual, Tolerance: +-5%, Withstand Voltage: 450 V AC, Connect Pin Size:Standard 6.3×0.8 mm/0.25×0.03 in, Shape: Round
Standard and professional capacitor for air conditioner and heat pump,One capacitor combined 2 capacitor, 25 MFD uF for condenser, 5 MFD uF for heat dissipation fan, Saving your space and repair time
Built to the TOUGHEST USA standards for AC motor run capacitors including EIA-456-A and IEC 60252-1:2001
Universal and compatible capacitor for air conditioner, for fast repairing and maintenance and save your valuable time
Concise design and strong body,best peformance for HVAC systems

Price: $11.49
(as of Dec 02,2021 18:35:37 UTC – Details)

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