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Pants are on fire!

Women are losing so much weight that they are literally throwing their pants into bonfires.

They never want to see those pants again because they’re swimming in them.

You certainly want to know the background story.

And I’ll tell it to you.

A new diet came out about two months ago.

And nobody believed its claims.

The claim was that any woman could lose 30 pounds in 30 days WITHOUT any exercise and WITHOUT any diet changes.

In fact…Chrissie said you could eat one of those king’s size Reese’s Pieces for lunch and it would not affect your diet at all…

They all laughed.

“No diet can survive binging on junk food,” they said.

That’s the whole point of the diet. To get away from the sweets!, they said.”

But Chrissie persisted. And Chrissie had the last laugh. Because one scale after another, one woman after another, were showing up a pound lighter each day.

And they did literally nothing to their diet. In fact, they ate like pigs.

Now if you told me you could eat like a pig and still lose weight a few months ago I’d say you’re crazy.

That’s before I met this lady

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