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Before we go any further, here’s a quick glimpse at the results we’re getting:

We want you to know how angry we were when we started with the whole CPA marketing thing.
Why were we angry? You know why.
Most courses were bullshit, most methods were much harder than we were led on, and most income proof out there was fake or exaggerated…
We got burned more times than rubber on a racecar.
I was a poker player at the time, and the money wasn’t stable. I needed to find a way to earn that would be a real business, something I could do from home part time to keep me earning a stable income while I continued my dream of playing poker, and especially for the circumstance at the moment that we need to keep social distance.
After much hard work on testing out CPA marketing, I finally found the only traffic source and only formula that got me consistent five figure per month results working only part time…
Important Fact You Need To Know:
Because of it’s growing popularity, Push Notification traffic source is becoming a goldmine, look, here is typically what a Push Notification ads looks like on your portable devices.
As a new and effective traffic source for CPA marketers, push notifications keep in direct contact with users who have already shown interest in what they promoting. This translates to very high performer in many regards and performance metrics: open rate, opt-in rate, and engagement, and therefore high conversions

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