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Getting A Divorce?

Take Control. Don’t Be Afraid To Find Out How To Survive A Divorce because if there is a narcissist in the picture complexity escalates.

(This divorce and this book is dedicated to my ex and his tax returns, his amended tax returns, the hidden invoices,

the invisible invoices, the double set of books and the triple set and hiding it all until one day, he said, ‘I owe you a lot of money’ and walked off with it all.

Also dedicated to his Palo Alto attorney Jeffrey Kaufman who helped him hide it and told the pro tem, “Fraud is no big deal and we’re going to blame it on Ann.”

But thanks to Judge Kathleen Lucero who didn’t believe either one of them, sanctioned them $10K for obstructionism and delay and ruled in my favor.

And to the CA 6th Dist Court of Appeals where, when they appealed, told them, “go away, you harmed her, what do you think you have to complain about?”

And to PTH, who stayed with me, on a $1000 retainer for 2 years. And to MC, an attorney who believed in me, believed mothers should not be hit over the head with a 2×4 and offered to loan me money.

I honor the ethics, compassion and intellect of people like yourselves.)


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