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Bank Account Wiped Clean, Your Credit Cards Frozen

How many times a week do you check on your money? Once, twice, maybe five times a week?
How about today? Have you checked on it yet? You might want to, and as a matter of fact, I’ll wait here while you do.
But make sure you come back because if you check your account and you’re lucky enough to see your money still there, tomorrow it won’t be – if you don’t take this letter seriously.
Here’s why:
A customer says you didn’t deliver your product to them, a product you sell online.

He doesn’t contact you about it and instead contacts his Credit Card company reporting your refusal to give him a full refund.
True or not, as far as the credit card company is concerned, your buyer’s complaint is valid and they will start an investigation.
And believe or not, based on that sole accusation alone, you’re in the wrong and that’s when it happens:

There’s A Hold On Your Bank Account
And You Can’t Do Anything About it

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