A long-term income. On your terms

Building a profitable blog business isn’t rocket science
When you have the know-how, making in income from blogging is simple! This comprehensive 220-page guide contains insider knowledge from professionals that have made it big in the blogosphere, to help you and your blog reach the stars.
Work from home, by the beach, or anywhere in the world
Authored by a leading lifestyle blogger to guide you towards experiencing more freedom. Discover how you can launch and maintain your blog, wherever and whenever it suits you.
Chapter 1: Identify your niche
Explore proven tools & techniques used to reveal the best niche topics, and determine your own by completing the activities.

Chapter 2: Revenue models
From automated banner ads through to selling ebooks, there’s plenty of ways to make money blogging. This chapter explains which is best for you.

Chapter 3: Domain names
How-to secure the optimal domain name, detailing the best keywords and suffixes to use, plus handy tools to fast-track your search.

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